Friday, April 15, 2011

Hay Puteh

Its my Sister's Birthday- siputih

Hay puteh your're 26
Remember how you said i'm  very very old when i was 26? hah now its your turn!!
Eh wait-- it wasn't you- it was Shila who said those!
and look how she grown up elder than me-haha

Dear siputeh
No matter what
Age wont tell how old you are
if you're happy and cheerful
You'll always be the youngest
If you grumpy and fury
Well you'll end up like the other sista-haha again

Puteh the 26
You had grown up and Lady-up
Don't sweat the small stuff people said
Don't get drown into personal crisis
Every dispute is a chance for you to learn more
So go through it never push it away

Puteh the Miss April
Big dreams will never kill you
But first step will make every dreams  possible 
So why wait? Go make that journey
Craft that that first step today!

Hey Puteh

Although the almost youngest
You are taller than me!
And smarter than me! (based on the simple collaborative from educational examinations by the ministry of education-haha)
But than doesn't have to defect on your humble nature
And the soften heart you had in you
Remember The Messenger s.a.w was also a humble and good-hearted person
So being humble and nice is never a bad trait

Hay Puteh
wish you all the best

Happy 26th Birthday sis!


this is about today's gloomy day

My gloomy Friday
Is it this tired body
Or is it the weakening soul inside me?
or is it the gloomy day for everyone?
Somethings somewhere  is not right
Friday is suppose to be my Happy Day
instead i felt awfully weak
both mentally and physically
Nothing... so far can make up my day


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