Monday, April 18, 2011

Eco Friendly Menstrual Cloth Pad

Hey have you tried the cloth pad and pantyliner for menstrual?
If you find it weird- our late ancestor have been using it before the existing of the disposable pad; kain batik etc. In my years its always been the kotex/laurier/whisper etc. I've heard about cloth pad not long ago, still haven't try any of it. But I believed i think it is the best substituted for the disposable pads because of the below factors:
1. It's au-nature; a little hassle but very beneficial in a long run. You'll save a fortune.
2. Ever felt guilty wondering how much pads a person have to trash every months? What about the whole menstrual period? 

3. Its chemical free. I'm not wanting to be paranoid but some chemical in disposable pad can contribute to infertility and cancer. If you're the type of  person who are particular about chemical in beauty products this won't sound so paranoid.

4. Washable not disposable. Yes it's a little hassle but i'm willing to give it a try. If you can't stand your own period stain-i can't help you :)

5. Fashionable. Yes they comes in sizes, cute design and they are hand made! You can check this local website that sells cute cloth pads Baby Snow Drop 
Or you can make one on your own! Check this great  DIY website! Crafster , Anic-Lohas , treehugger

P/s: I still have more than 3 months free-menstrual period so at the mean time cloth pad are not my necessity. Probabbly will be needing the maternal pad for post-natal period.


iza said...

hmm.. pasni.. masuk washin machine jer.. hikhikhik.. kan? ok tak?

Anna said...

haha... basuh cuci2 baru masuk mesin.. jgn bagi husband nampak nanti trauma! same goes to cloth diapers..

Robertlopez said...

Check out our line of eco friendly baby products!
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Kate said...

Same thing happened to me when I had my son, great to see that you’ve put so many amazing products in one place! I love the modern designs and high fashion feel.

Robertlopez said...

Thanks! we update the site with news products frequently and would love your feedback and suggestions.

Kate said...

I have a whole nursery to put together,what are you favorite products?

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