Saturday, August 20, 2011

1st Day Out

At last, we manage to have a perfect day out. Actually nak my dearhusband buka puasa:)
Mika was pretty 'behave'. And i manage to breastfeed in public- with the help of muslin cloth. It went well and Mika was latching ok- he don't bother with the noises.
Today is our first day out as a family. It's more like a training ground for the coming raya. (Gosh; isn't there any better sentence to describe it?)
Today we learn a lot:
1-the need of a stroller- mika is pretty heavy if you plan to walk around. I have this baby pouch(given by my sis) but i just could'nt manage the little limbs. Plus with a stroller baby can stay in there while me having meal.

2-nursing cover-or at least something that can attach to my shoulder. Muslin cloth was doing okay-but it has potential to get blown. Plus it was not cool looking :p. The first pic is me holding mika covered with muslin

1 comment:

iza said...

hehehe.. da abis pantang ek? sronok nyer.. ko sempat gak rasa that nursing cover.. aku da lepas 2 tahun ni.. baru dpt tau pasal tu sume.. hahaha... nampak sangat tak buat research.. tak pe.. uols akan rasai lebih 'kepayahan' bila si kecik tu da boleh berjalan.. datang la berjalan kat umah kitorang raya nanti..

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