Friday, August 26, 2011

Breastfeeding & Woops Pregnancy

I have been searching about birth control methods. And so far i will result to noriday pills. Later in few months i will take 3months injection. At the moment trying not to gain more weight.

Thats the plan.

Natural planning is ok. Had been doing it before conceive Mika tapi the prospect of accident pregnancy scares me- Breasfeeding a baby while pregnant is not cool with me. Raising one little baby is pretty much demanding. A 1-2 year gap is sufficient. Extra precaution is needed eventhough fully breastfeed can 98% avoid pregnancy.

No woops pregnancy.

1 comment:

Asna said...

saya tak amik apa2 planning yg nurse suggest..guna natural planning jek..:P..even breastfeeding pun, warranty untuk tak pregnant hanya 6bulan sahaja...when they start to take solid food, no more warranty..hahaha...saya period just after naufal 6months..cepat,kan?

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