Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Forget and For More?

People says you will forget the labour pain eventually. I guess they're right; now i only had some of the remaining painful memories- pieces of them- its more like a fact:
7hours hard labour
1hour pushing
And with the help of vacumn
..... final push and i can see the baby galooping out!
It's a boy!
The whole experience was amazing. My dearhusband was a great birth partner. He was with me from start to finish-he hold my hand-hold my back and even hold the iphone for video :) (i insist on video!) its sweet seeing him reciting adzan to the little one.
Although i was a bit distressed because he made me go to the hospital early- 6pm(i want to stay at home until the intense labour start, he was, again, amazing.

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