Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breastfeeding is challenging!

I was very determined about breastfeeding when i was pregnant. I search and google and read as much as i could. Brought a breastpump- and read more about express breastmilk. My husband's SIL were very encouraging and emails me articles and videos. Yes; i was ready; at least that was what i thought.

And then came the first week after birth. I wasn't prepared the emotional breakdown; the hardwork; the pain; the constant need to motivate yourself. The pushing to the limit moments. The discouraging when baby keeps on crying after breastfed. This went on to the 2nd week-----
I googled again-searching and reading. This time to learn more on the 'painful' side on breastfeeding. I learn why people giving up. I learn it's normal the milk supply will delay. It's normal the baby's poo is liquid. I learn if i want the supply to be enough i have to breastfeed as often as possible. Supply on demand; they keep on saying. I learn a lot more. And still learning. Even the positioning need to be constant check. The nutrition. How to counter the pain.

Well- i'm a bit past the three weeks now. Still had 'mini' emotional breakdowns. But now; i'm more in control. Articles and forums help me a lot. If i could go back before birthing i would tell myself two things:
1- you really need to go to a lactation class
2- you will go through a very challenging phase- it will pass.

Breastfeeding is a real 'business'- no kidding. I'm savoury my small victory to go beyond 3 weeks. Credits goes to my mother in law who 'made' me breastfeed even when i was complaining. Those intense first week. I would probably have given up if she stop insisting.

I had thoughts on my mom. What she had gave to bring us to the world.

Now-looking forward for my 4th week of breastfeeding. Praying for a smooth week.


Asna said...

welcome to mother's club!!..:)..tahniah dh dpt baby!!patut dh lma xupdate..;p..Berdasarkan hanya 1thun 3bulan punye experince menyusukan baby,mmg ada pasang surutnya.Awal2 mmg struggle sbb pd awalnye i thought that breastfeeding ni just as simple as 'selak baju n bagi baby menyusu'..rupanya it's more than that.xpe,nikmati keindahan momen2 menyusukan yang kadang2 boleh jadi ubat penenang stress.sikit masa lagi, u will master it.hehe..sy x pergi breasfeeding class,tp byk refer kawan2 yg berjaya susukan baby n refer blog2 yg berkaitan.Saya juga ada amik supplement,bukan tujuan utk tmbh susu ibu,tp utk pastikan badan sihat n bertenaga+emosi stabil = maintain production susu..i suggest set breastfeeding shaklee n pil asi..eh,pnjg lak ngomen..k,happy breastfeeding n enjoy it...muah2 for little baby..:)

Anna said...

Tq for your comment and suggestion!
Saya setuju blog2 ibu sebenar (real mothers) juga banyak membantu. We are lucky there are plenty of references and support from the virtual world :) Good luck to you! 1 tahun 3 bulan is a steady duration!

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