Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mika's Ride

Mika pun ada his own ride-- stokke explory. Papa and mummy begitu teruja dgn rekabentuk stylishnya dan concept stroller tu sehingga kan terlupa satu fakta penting iaitu kemudahan transportation utk transport si mika ini.

This bulky stroller take up all your trunk space; eugh. And other then that i have no complaint. Assembly nya agak rumit at first but you'll be a pro after a few practice. I love the way it navigate. And the way mika fit it perfectly- he usually fall asleep when we start to stroll around- just like other baby. We love that stroller.

And for that reason we had to have another simpler stroller for rushing hours- its mika's second ride. Duh.


yi ya ni said...

owh mika nampak hensem ngan suar jeans

Anna said...

ya sudah tentu. anak pempuan pakai riben terus kiut. anak jantan pake jeans baaaru ensem

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