Friday, October 14, 2011

taking control of Time

time management has always been my daily life problem. it doesn't help that i have a lot of interest in life. I love to read books about time management.I love Steven Covey's First Things First. Even that seem not helping me. Knowing doesn't always help. Commitment. Perhaps that is the problem? To make commitment for time management and to prioritize my own commitments in life. One of the main reason i ditch Facebook is because of this. I cant take control of myself. Same when i watch HBO channel. I could sit there and watch movies after movies, 6pm to 3am. Crazy. I even ditch the HBO channel. Internet? I used to get hooked to the internet. But smartphone makes everything can be done quickly. Smartphone and free wifi. i found out a tip on how to make priority of your commitments: make less of it. Say No.

just some random post since i have extra time today.

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