Saturday, September 01, 2012

Scaled-down life

There are things in life that can make you stop breathing and your heart drums. No, I'm not talking about Edward Cullen (not Robert Pattinson) or your high school crush, I'm talking about adult hobbies. Err using 'adult' make it sound explicit. But it is really about hobbies. Below are my heart-thumping things:

1. Miniature Gardens
want to live here??

This is actually a bit new, inspired by the Pot Hole Gardener in youtube. Some called it Miniature Garden or Fairy Garden etc. I called it as something-I-pretty- want-to-get-involve-with-but-of-course-I-need-to-start-going-to-the-nursery. There're tons of of tutorials and beautiful pictures online to guide you, if you'd like to start one. I'm studying the type of plants they used because it's quite complicated I mean how do I translate the names of the plants,,, or doses the local nursery have it... dwarf daisies for instance. Will make a visit to the Sungai Buloh nursery chain. Been eyeing it toooo long.

2. Sylvanian Families 
Aduuuhhh... those tiny little rabbits in tiny little dresses, cute tea set with cups and cakes, cabinets with knobs, tiny window with curtains.. oh the details killing me. I never missed a chance to take a glance (a long staring activity) at those happy rabbits whenever I pass toy department. I would love to own them one day but I think Miniature Garden (No 1) can replace my love for these. (Based on affordability and age appropriate)

3. Little Town
The picture doesn't really reflect my passion for little town, but that playmat does looks fun. My perfect little towns a movable and expandable and aren't restrict. It can be made of card board or paper, or Lego and even plasticine. It idoesn't have to be perfect or evenly scaled. The main thing is it trigger imagination. we used to made little town with out Lego and the sensation still lingers around. When Mika is old enough not to turn everything into edible items, I will made him a tiny town.

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