Monday, September 24, 2012

Solatlah Sepertimana Rasulullah Solat

I found this beautiful step by step on how to perform solat as teaches by Rasullullah. It starts by steps  how to perform ablution. You'd find it will be a bit different from us the Malaysian Muslim. It doesn't matter, what is important is the steps are based on hadith shahih, it's how Rasullullah teaches his sahabah and the Muslim should follows Rasullullah. This video won't be showing the hadith or sources, but if you intend to learn the correct ways to pray for Allah and you'd find a lot of resources around us. Don't simply rely on any books or our old school curriculum. Each Muslim is responsible to find his own deen.

Ablution the way Rasullullah did:
1. Say bismillah
2. Wash right hand including the wrist and between fingers - then left hand x 3 times
3. Put water in your mouth and expel 3 times
4. Sniff water into nostril and then expel 3 times
5. Washing face from forehead to chin, from right earlobe to left 3 times
6. Washing entire hand and arm starting from fingertips 3 times
7. Starting from the fringe moving your hand to the back of the hairline and come back to the fringe 1 time
8. Wipe inside of the both ears with index finger and the back of the ears with the thumbs 1time
9. Wash foot to the ankle and use pinky finger to wash through the toes
10. Read doa after ablution

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