Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Towards a greener life- Cloth Pads

So I've switch to Cloth Diaper some time ago. It's the best choice ever. Yes you have to do the laundry but wrapping soft fabric to your baby skin versus plastic wrapping (disposable diaper) make me felt better.
After a long break of 8months, I had my period again. I can't help myself but to rush to the Whizzini Store in Kanchut and bought theese lovely cloth Pad from Mama Patch. Yes, as expected, these cloth pads are soft to skin, and absorbent. Easy to wash! The down side is i just bought five of them and it cost me almost a hundred. Five is not enough definitely each can last about 3-4hours so I need about 8 probably, plus drying time so 10-15pads should be enough. I can save more if only i made those myself, there are so many free tutorials to make your own clot pads in the internet. But until now i haven't start any so buying the ready made home-made is the best closest option. If you want to make calculation of how much you can save with cloth pads go ahead, as I'm more interested with the beneficial part of it: 

(proven means I've tested and it's proven true!)

Cloth Pads do not smell-proven!
Unlike disposable laden with harmful chemical and gel that release chemical fumes when wet, cloth pad is fully made of breathable cloth. You will be surprise to learn that your blood actually does not smell at all!

Cloth pads do not leak! - proven
Although water resistant, blood still seep through if you do not change for long hours especially during heavy days.
But the Premium Cloth Pads from Mama Patch with PUL bottom, is totally waterproof.

Cloth pads are not bulky! - yes it is slim and yet absorb like a pro!
On contrary, cloth pad is ultra slim as it only contains cloth. Unlike disposable with chemical and gel, cloth feels much more comfortable to skin as compare to sticky soiled disposable.

Our blood is not that dirty! - very easy to wash, not like disposable pads
Our blood is sterile and is not dirty inherently. Blood is easily washed out of cloth. 
However disposable plastic pads are actually unhealthier because they create a hotter environment (by trapping air and not allowing air flow) which promotes fastergrowth of bacteria which leads to itch, rashes and thrush.

(These Q&A is copied from Mama Patch website)


What are you waiting for? Let's go greener!

p/s: Next GREEN step is to seperate recycle household rubbish
See the wetbag, specially designed to keep your cloth pads seperately; staines and clean. Cool.


Asna said...

i do try it now, but only pantiliner because got some normal discharge during pregnant...so comfortable & wish to continue using it after this...:)

Anna said...

Yor lah. I started using panty juga. the momma patch is soo good. try a few type then you'll know which you like best. it's cloth pad and no turning back yea!

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