Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cloth Diapers Tips #1

So you're interested in changing to cloth diaper  That will take a lot of motivation. The first thing you need to do is to clarify the reasons. You need to have the reasons tat you believed in. Though many said the best thing about cloth diaper is its money saving factor (which is true), there is a greater argumentation behind this 'movement'. Its's called a greener choice.

Let's take some facts. A baby will need roughly about 1800 diapers per year.

(5diapers X 360 days)

Now you can times the many years a baby will still wearing diaper. A non potty training baby will wear diaper for a minimum of 4 years.

(1800 X 4years= you calculate)

By now you can even calculate the cost you're going to save. But let us compare of how much a cloth diapers will needed instead. Typically a baby will need at lesat 16 cloth diapers for the rest of his/her diaper years.

Yes, 16 washable cloth diapers. And you can pass that to the next siblings. And you can even sell in in craig list or as preloved items.

16 is an ample quantity for moms to do laundry every two days. Because cloth diapers need drying time.

(8diapers per day x 2 days)

So some moms have about 20 - 30 CD (cloth diapers) per baby just to fit a weekly laundry schedule.

Some company (like GroVia) introduced a diapering system for their diapers brand that only use 4 cloth diapers per day. Meaning you only need about 8 to last for two days. Awesome.

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